Our Strategy is to deliver quality and value in the Subsahara Africa Infrastructure Sector through an effective partnership, embracing innovative solutions, products and services.

We aim to be the preferred partner in Infrastructure Industry.


Advisory and Business Development

Infrastructure advisory services

- Planning

- Design

- Funding


Transaction and Project Management

- Concessions

- Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

- independent infrastructure provider

- In and Outsourcing


Operational Management

- Organizational management

- Contracting management

- Maintenance management




- Broadcast and Co-location Towers

- Back-haul and Infrastructure Sharing

- Terrestrial Networks

- Satellite / VSAT Systems

- Submarine Cables


- Roads and Railways

- Sea ports and Airports

- Logistics Centers

Energy and Utilities

- Electricity Generation

- Transmission

- Renewable and Green Energy

- Distribution

- Oil and Gas Pipelines

- Import Terminals

- Storage and Processing Facilities


- Water Supply and Treatment

- Security

- Waste Collection and Treatment

- Health care

- Education

About us

Subsahara Infrastructure Synergy Ltd

 SIS is a medium sized private, independent and international infrastructure, development, and management company. Headquartered in Mauritius, the management has extensive project and operations experience in both facilities and services all over Africa and Europe.


SIS  works with asset owners, industrial or commercial corporations, or governments, and having agreed to design and fund a project, we work with these partners by providing project management on a turnkey basis.


SIS has substantial funds earmarked for infrastructure investment in sub-Saharan Africa projects which meet our criteria:


- Sustainable enterprises

- Development need

- Non-aligned to any organization / group

- Equality of access and opportunity




Our philosophy is to be an infrastructure investment and development company, bringing resources, skills & results to the African infrastructure industry. In meeting our criteria to invest our funds, we deliver infrastructures to African governments, our local partners, and the people who will own, manage and ultimately continue with the development.


Using knowledge to create value:

SIS is proud to play a major role in the development of infrastructures within Africa by using the experiences we have gained in the global project management arena. Using our knowledge we go beyond just providing reliable infrastructure. By focusing our business principles, we have developed solutions with simplicity in mind that bring genuine value to local companies and governments, and services that allow their stakeholders to grow and compete at the highest level.


Our drive to innovate:

Quality is the guiding principle for us. With quality comes competence, and the flexibility and creativity to find solutions that work in the African context. We have the confidence and determination to approach each new project requirement with the view that we can make it happen better, faster and deliver exactly what the users ask for.




SIS has a fiduciary and economic responsibility to all stakeholders in each project:


- To bring sufficient inward investment committed for the long term.

- To complete and manage each project to international benchmarked professional standards and technical performance

- To deliver sound financial results and an adequate return on investment to our investors.

- To promote the utilization of ICT to as wide a group of beneficiaries as possible.



We operate in the public domain and therefore have a duty and a desire to lead by example:


- All projects have Environmental Impact Studies reports.

- All Suppliers and Contractors are obliged to adhere to best working practices, in particular with regard to civil works and issues of safety, and

 are required to commit to respecting the environment

- Where possible local procurement, employment and skills straining.

- Support for local businesses developing ICT content and applications.

- Support for local communities: construction, facilities and utilities.



As Project Sponsors, and having carried out Due Diligence and/or Feasibility Studies, we are responsible for bringing the project to investors and, based on our Business Plan, they decide to invest or not.


We follow up on this commitment by contracting with the investors as Project Managers responsible to the investors for all matters of good corporate governance in protecting their investment and returns for the duration of the investment (typically 5 years), such that further investments are forthcoming.



CREDITXPRESS SYNERGY LIMITED is a wholly owned subsidiary of SIS LTD Mauritius, offering mobile data technology and services.

CreditXpress' activities  cuts across an array of data services and supporting technologies, offering affordable and mass oriented mobile services using new technologies.








Enegas Power Limited located in Lagos, Nigeria is a wholly owned subsidiary of Subsahara Infrastructure Synergy Ltd. Mauritius, established to operate in the Oil and Gas sector of the Nigerian economy.


Our new project is the construction of a new 3,000 metric ton Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG Terminal in the South of Nigeria.

We are providing Nigerians access to cleaner energy by enabling LPG supply to low income households.


An off-shoot of the supply chain division of the multi-disciplinary group.  Activities involve large scale specialized shipment and handling of materials, goods and products for telecommunications, oil and gas, construction, as well as the consumer range and others.



Corporate Governance Policy

SIS is committed to the practice of good corporate governance on behalf of all stakeholders:



At every stage in a project, SIS consults regularly with stakeholders. In particular we have participated with the NEPAD e-Africa Commission who carried out various studies, hosted workshops and consultative meetings, and produced their report on the rationalization and integration of ICT Infrastructure projects in Africa. Recent consultations have also been held with the Government of Southern Sudan.


Procurement Policy.

Wherever possible, SIS carries out or recommends procurement in line with IBRD / World Bank / EIB / AfDB Rules of Procedure for International Tendering as applied to complex telecom infrastructure projects. In practice since it is rather more difficult to obtain three suitably pre-qualified viable bids per major project item, SIS will accept the best available.



SIS provides for transparency in all its business matters where this does not conflict with normal commercial non-disclosure agreements or contract confidentiality clauses:


Sovereignty and Domestic law compliance.

Accounts presented fairly in accordance with International Accounting Standards.

Audits by banks and financial institutions providing grants, loans or equity.

Shareholder Registry in Mauritius a matter of public record.

Regular monitoring and communication of project plans, progress and completion to stakeholders.

For our US investors, compliance with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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